Sunday, October 23


I'm so late posting here but will try to pick up the pace here as I writes on ''My Friendship''.

We seeks for the reasons to celebrate and if it's about celebration of my best friend's birthday then I can't miss this opportunity at any cost!. I thought to share this on very next day but some how was busy with projects so kept it pending. On 13th October, my best friend Ayushi's birthday comes and we both starts planning before a month and I count down the days left . I nudges her and say 5 days more ,2 days more..she laughs and again starts talking about the same. I enjoys when she smile and say ''Oh God ! I can't wait any more'' . She loves celebrating!

Let me tell about her little more. She is very innocent and fashionable. She wants to become a fashion designer and so every time she  makes designs and show me how they looks. So is different from me in thoughts, likes, dislikes but then also we have strong bonding. She admires me ,share her feelings openly and always takes my advice as almost every time my wordings comes true. Well, that's a secret miracle I'm blessed with.

This time also we enjoyed at best. After school me and my friend went to her with a beautiful gift. She opened the door with a broad grin on her face and we wished her aloud ''Happy Birthday  Happy Birthday Happy Birthday ,Ayushi'' With a laughter she replied thank you so much and welcomed us . The whole room was well decorated with colorful balloons , colorful bands ,sparkles and a big balloon filled with lot's of candies .. Yum!! .
here's the group
I found our friend's group so we both joined them and had lot's of talks. It was time to wish the beautiful angel , birthday girl.. so we all gathered around her. There was a chocolaty cake with beautiful candles indulge between. We sang a Birthday wish song .She cut the little pie of that choco cake and given a first bite to her parents and then to all of us buddies with some snacks and drinks.
Here's the yummy cake !

Ayushi in dark blue dress and me in yellow :)
 Then we played some games and danced with joy ! Ayushi dance gracefully so we asked her to show her wonderful talent. We enjoyed being spectators .Now it was time to have delicious food. Her mother prepared many things for us. I asked her to open my the present I gifted her. It was a green colored top . She said ,''Wow! It's beautiful,Thank you Sims '' .I love this sweet present ,the best one I have from my best friend. Let me try this and show you how it looks. I was surprised , she quickly wear the dress I gifted her and really she was looking cute!
Ayushi with the dress I gifted her

I enjoyed the partyyy :)
I wish all the success comes to your way..keep smiling and making me smile too because you knows me the best! 

Kritika,Ayushi and me


Geet said...

happy birthday:)

sHoNa said...

nice 1. i wish i cld be der .

Simran said...

Thank you :)

I wished the same.. :)

Roy Durham said...

Don't you know eating birthday cake will make you old. it is the major cause of ageing. but happy birthday god bless

melissa said...

This is one party I wouldn't miss. I'm sure you all had lots of fun esp. the birthday girl :)

Enjoy every moment of the celebration!

I loved the pictures you shared ;)

pallavi said...

It must have been a great party... It made me remember the birthday party of my best friend. And let me tell you the cake looks superb. I love cakes!