Sunday, July 3

Melody Of My life

Singing a melody;
Bringing up with new thoughts..
A melody is a reflection of words within the heart,
Uttering words with musical buds,
Nourishing my grief,
Flourishing my thoughts,
Flicker in mind,              
Tragic my glance of soft,
A reflection with the voice of my heart and soul that pampers me a lot ! :)
Singing a melody and listening to soft music blow away all my tension and grief within. And I cry when I feel sad to let out my pain and guts out from my heavy heart; after crying I feel better and talk to my self.You'll think Simran is crazy..Right? :p but it helps me a lot! And the talking goes something like this, ''Fine, your tears are not granted! why you are crying ? Does it will give you something back? No! Go and make a miracle and turn every impossibilities to possibilities!'' and all the positive thoughts of you all comes into my mind ..Hope, Go ahead, tackle the trouble, Keep smiling,Live every moment of life beautifully...And so, I smile and say ,I'm fine now :)
Thank you so much to you all for spreading such sweet and inspiring messages through your poems and articles and the result is before you all :D ..


Someone is Special said...


Someone is Special

Simran said...

Hhehe..I'm :) :P


sweat Simran...:))

alejandro guzman said...


thanks A

sHoNa said...

beautiful...sometimes its essential to pamper urself......enjoyyyyyyyy:)

Hope said...

you are the perfect example of a beautiful female gracefully living the human experience. You do it so well and you are suppose to release your tensions and find peace in this world. thank you for sharing a remarkable piece of your self.

p.s. I could not find the comment option on your poetry piece. I'm not sure why. anyways...your words are so uplifting and so very wise. WELL DONE!